Enjoy the summer in Poreč with a glass of wine


Poreč is not only a place for a great vacation, but also a home town of the best wine in the world

Poreč is a town and municipality on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, in Istria County, Croatia. Its major landmark is the 6th century. Its wine and food attract tourists from all over the world.

Istria is the biggest Croatian peninsula, with overwhelming diversity between its western, eastern and inner sides. Its hilltop towns, UNESCO sites in coastal areas, Roman amphitheatres and rustic villas, beaches, the National Park Brijuni, many artisan food and wine markets, create a paradise for gourmet, culture and nature lovers. It also boasts with distinctive wine varieties such white Malvasia, Muscat and ruby-red Teran. Istrian wine roads and wine makers feature as the most prominent in all of Croatia.


Tourist season traditionally begins with Easter and ends in November, but Istria is open for visitors all year round. The best time to come is early spring, when asparagus is fresh for picking, and summer heat is not yet so vivid. Also, September and October are grape harvesting months, followed with truffle hunting in Motovun woods, and olive harvesting in October and November. Thus, minimum stay desirable is one weekend, but you can roam around for a week or two and still find remarkable differences in such a small area.

DON’T MISS the wine cellar Damjanić!

Winemaker Damjanić can offer you a tasting of his wines – superb Istrian wine, welcoming guests and wine tasters with great care and respect! It is located in a small village Fuškulin, near Poreč!

Winery “Damjanić”, except quality wines, has very interesting life story. The wine cellars of this winery are family heritage, and visiting it also means getting to know the family tradition and history.

Wines from the winery Damjanić experience boom and wider recognition, thanks to the enthusiasm, dedication and love of the new generation of winemakers, as evidenced by the numerous international awards.

Don’t miss dinning in local traditional taverns (‘konoba’) and agritourisms. These are the perfect places to try local, homemade, organic and fresh food and drinks – especially homemade pasta and biska, a centuries old mistletoe brandy.

Don`t miss local festivals – Istria is full of small local festivals, mostly dedicated to patron saints or to a particular dish; they are held all year round and offer insight on how Istrians themselves like to party, eat and drink. Everyone feels like a local here, even if they participate in a patron saint festivity in a village or in a fishermen festival on the coast. For example, 15th of June marks the Festival of Malvasia in the town of Brtonigla.

Be active. Istria is beautiful if you know how to discover it! It is perfect for cycling, hiking and water sports.

No matter what tourist rout you choose, if you visit Poreč, you will be definitely satisfied and you`ll have unforgettable vacation that will bring you a lot of joy and delight.