Winery Damjanić is a place where cellar, vineyard tour and tasting are welcome and available for wine lovers

It’s not a secret, that Croatia, especially Istrian region is famous by wine tourism. And yes, it’s “gold ticket” for many winemakers to introduce their own wine-style, and “goldmine” for wine lovers to taste and enjoy wine products.

Istrian wine region offers to its visitors: refreshing, seafood-friendly white wines using the malvasija and muscat grapes; famous tough red wines made with the teran grape as well as a number of international varieties; well-known wine producers and vineyards. One of them, it is winery Damjanić, where cellar, vineyard tour and tasting are welcome and available for wine lovers.

Once you try it, you’ll understand what is gravity of Damjanić wines: it’s just what you need, and everything you will feel. Damjanić wines is just a question of your gourmet taste. In any case, this is the key to gravity of Art’s Epoch with Damjanić wine tradition.

Dry white wine Akacija is a taste of freshness, warm with salty notes. Plunge into Antique epoch with first system of writing, Greek and Latin. Hint of saltiness and bittemess with greenish reflections…Ow!

And this is same Mysterious epoch of Middle Ages with its spells and witchcraft. But what if it will be focus on elegance, precious rubies, fashionable entertainment and pomposity characterized Baroque. In this case, the right choise fell on wine Borgonja. Note, the names of both are consonant.

Romantic period is a period of delusions of supernatural beauty, the most mysterious, ephemeral and original in the human history with unique masterpieces of music, literature and art. And all the flavour of that Epoch reflected in dry white wine Chardonnay the same as very soft harmonious, rich and lasting.

Enlightenment… It is epoch of bright mind, freshness and innovation. It is harmonious as the taste of red wine Clemente.

So, choose your own favourite Art’s Epoch and your favourite wine and create your own gravity of Damjanić wines!